Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak Climbing

Island peak  or Imsa Tse peak to give it it's proper Tibetan name is a well climbed favorite for people who want to do something a little more challenging other than trekking. It was named  "Island" peak in 1953 by Eric Shiptons party of that year who named it island peak as the peak resembles an island in a sea of ice , when it is viewed from Dingboche on the main Everest trail. Later in 1983 the peak was renamed as Imsa Tse.
Island peak was first climbed in 1953 by a British expedition team as training for the ascent on Mt. Everest. Island  peak is a part of the south ridge of Lhotse Shar  the main part forming a semicircle of cliffs that rise to the north of the summits of Nuptse, Lhotse, and Lhotse Shar. As mentioned the peak is very popular with people, it is not too technical but still provides a good challenge and like all peak climbing you need to be in good physical shape. A climb of Island peak fits well into longer treks in the Everest Region and can be combined or tagged on to trekking. Allow four days for acclimatization and the climb itself (one day added for weather problems


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